Druid Version 3 Beta: Try it Now!

Update: out of beta!

Version 3 is now out, with windows, linux and android clients available. So this page is now deprecated…

With druid, you can give your Arduino project a graphical interface with almost no effort and you can try out the latest version today!  Give it a whir and give us some feedback/any bug reports, so it can be extra awesome when released.

With v3.0 come a host of improvement, beyond just the nicer look&feel.  Major changes include:

  • New inputs, like events, datetime, etc. and other widgets;
  • New tracked variable views (graphical and text), which you get to associate and place wherever you choose;
  • Druid Builder is now available online–no more installs, works for any OS;
  • Upcoming network and bluetooth access, upcoming mobile clients, and more…

Test Drive Device Druid v3.0 beta

1. Build

Access the druid builder beta straight from your browser: https://devicedruid.com/builder/

Creating a druid interface program is easy with the builder, as it’s a graphical interface that allows you to create Arduino projects in minutes.

Doing so is simple

  1. Go to the build tab and add some widgets,
  2. drag and drop into the interface you want,
  3. generate the code in the Code tab, and
  4. download the resulting project.

2. Embed

In order to actually use the code generated by the builder, you’ll need to install the v3 beta version of SerialUI, the library the drives the embedded side of things. Download SerialUIv3 here, install it in the Arduino IDE (or your favorite dev environment).

In Arduino, it should be as simple as going to Sketch -> Include Library -> Add .ZIP Library…

Next, open the project you created and downloaded in step 1, and upload it to your Arduino.

3. Operate

When a device druid program is running on an Arduino, you’ll connect the USB-serial cable (bluetooth/wifi coming soon), launch Device Druid and you’re off.

First you need to install the device druid client.  Currently two version are available, for Windows 10 and Linux, with mobile coming shortly.

Windows 10 (x64 and x86)

Microsoft makes installing a side-loaded app a little annoying.  Download the app for x64 or for x86 The right-click the .appx file to install the certificate into the “trusted people” store… full process takes 30 seconds, demoed here:

Finally, double-click the app and select install.  You’re now ready to go.  Select the device from the list and operate your machine!


A Linux version is available and works using Coraline. Though it’s, so far, only been tested under Ubuntu 18… Input from Linux users would be much appreciated!

To get it working you need, at a minimum, Coraline core and its device plugin (latest .deb packages at this time are core 1.0.15 and device 1.0.3) and their dependencies, have a look at the Coraline downloads page for more info.

Once it is installed, test it by running “coraline” from the activities menu (or the command line).  If that works, we should be all set.

Download the appropriate package:

devicedruid .deb
devicedruid .rpm

install that and it should be ready to go.  The easiest way to launch it is through the activities menu, though an ALT+F2 “devicedruid” should also do the trick.

Please provide feedback on your experience, including info on the OS, distribution etc.  I’d especially like to hear about anyone running druid on an RPM-based distro.

4. Report back

Give the system a go, try out the new widgets in the builder, customize your callbacks… then be sure to get back with comments, advice, requests and bug reports!

Enjoy, and thanks!