The druid ecosystem exists to free the creators, explorers, makers and doers to do just that: create, explore and make without worrying about problems, like UI, that have been solved a zillion times.

Device Druid, the Druid Builder, the builder code brewery and its wizards, SerialUI and its supporting libs, the generated parts of the code delivered by Builder, this website and associated resources were subsidized by psychogenic and are

Copyright © 2013-2019 Pat Deegan, psychogenic.com

Each component of druid stands on the shoulders of a whole family of giants (Apache server, Cordova, Python libs, Ionic Framework, the list goes on and on…).  Find out a little more on How It Works.

About Pat Deegan

As co-founder and president of psychogenic,   I’ve worked on everything from web db back-ends to giant clusters, then moved on to embedded systems, under the psychogenic banner, where I design and prototype custom machines to do interesting things.  This range of experience is what allows me to have a direct hand in every layer of the druid ecosystem, from embedded libraries, through apps and up to the server farm that generates and tests the code.

You can see some of what I get up to on my personal blog/project site: inductive-kickback.com and get a taste of the electronics/programming services offered here.

Help, Support and Consulting

Support for druid is available through this site.  If you’re having trouble, make sure you’ve gone over the relevant docs and video tutorials.  There’s also the FAQ to check out.

If you’ve encountered a bug or think something isn’t working as intended, please file a report with as much detail as possible.

If you’re having trouble getting your program to do what you want it to, consulting services are available.