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Find out more about Device Druid and the Druid Builder in our videos and tutorials.

Details on specific platforms:


The druid project involves a few interacting parts…

Device Druid

Device Druid is a desktop app that connects to (suitably programmed) embedded devices, like Arduino or Raspberry Pi, to let you interact with and control them.

It connects through USB or bluetooth and talks to a SerialUI-based program to figure out which controls and menus are available.

There’s also an Android version that provides all the same functions on mobile devices.

If you’ve got a device on-hand that is stated to work with Device Druid, then one of these programs is all you should need.


SerialUI is a programming library that a developer can use to create embedded firmware (a compiled program) that Device Druid will be able to talk to.

Druid Builder

For people creating devices which will support Device Druid, the Druid Builder is available online and makes the whole process extremely easy.

There’s a video available that shows the creation of a functional program with a complex GUI in 3 minutes, thanks to how well Builder knows how to deal with all the SerialUI stuff.

There’s more than that going on behind the scenes, but these are the three parts most people will interact with.

Device Druid

Using Device Druid should be relatively intuitive and I’ve prepared a little intro that should get you started:

Druid Builder

When you’re creating firmware that’ll work with Device Druid, there’s no easier way than using Druid Builder to get you started.

Even if it makes things easier, we’re still programming here which means a bit of complexity…  So Druid Builder has its own set of tutorial videos, including a full walk-through where lots of interesting details are discussed and demonstrated.  Be sure to check them out.