Makers & Pros: Give your users a GUI, in minutes

Effortlessly give your users a graphical interface: they’ll love you for it. Druid Builder makes it a matter of minutes.

Builder is the yang to Device Druid‘s yin.  You can have a look at how it works, but the short of it is that Druid Builder allows you to

  • Design a druid UI for embedded devices, using drag & drop;
  • Customize code for callbacks and validate or react to incoming data; and
  • Generate fully working projects to allow anyone to access your device using Device Druid.

Intro Tour

Check out a quick tour of Druid Builder to see it in action:

A Working GUI In Minutes

Here’s the creation of a working embedded project, from A-Z, in under 5 minutes:

Learn More

There are a host of HOWTO and tutorial videos available in the druid learning center.

Get Druid Builder

Give Builder a spin today!