Makers & Pros: Give your users a GUI, in minutes

Effortlessly give your users a graphical interface: they’ll love you for it. Druid Builder makes it a matter of minutes.

You can create Druid Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects from your browser.  Once it’s up and running, you’ll need the client application to interact with the firmware.

Builder is the yang to Device Druid‘s yin.  You can have a look at how it works, but the short of it is that Druid Builder allows you to

  • Design a druid UI for embedded devices, using drag & drop;
  • Customize code for callbacks and validate or react to incoming data; and
  • Generate fully working projects to allow anyone to access your device using Device Druid.

A quick demo, in this case running on an Arduino Uno and connecting through both desktop and Android:

Designing with Drag & Drop

To create your interface, head to the druid builder and click on the design tab.

From there, you’ll be able to add commands and inputs to the interface, and then organize them using drag & drop.

Here you can add sub-menus, commands to run and a whole range of different inputs, from simple toggle switches, to colour pickers, date and time, and more.

Arrange the layout by dragging the elements around until you’re happy with the layout, then move on to generating the actual code to download.

Generate a Working Project

Next, hit the “Code” tab, give the project a name and select a platform–on which the program will run–from the drop down at the top right of the screen.

“USB Serial” is for USB-connected devices, like the Arduino Uno, whereas the Raspberry Pi, and “Bluetooth Nordic nRF” are exchanged with through bluetooth.

With the right platform selected, press the big yellow button in the middle of the screen to start the code generator.  Once it’s done, you’ll get a report and the opportunity to download a zip file with your project.

Embed on your System

You can get this running on your platform, now.  If it’s for a standard Arduino, open the unzipped sketch in the Arduino IDE and use as usual.

For other platforms, additional steps may be involved, e.g.

Learn More

There are a host of HOWTO and tutorial videos available in the druid learning center.

Try Druid Builder

Give Builder a spin today!

Get Required Support Librairies

Links to all you actually need to get going can be found on the downloads page.