Makers & Pros: Give your users a GUI, in minutes

Effortlessly give your users a graphical interface: they’ll love you for it. Druid Builder makes it a matter of minutes.

Update: a new version of the druid system is in beta.  The builder is now online and you can create Druid Arduino projects from your browser.  You’ll need the new client application to interact with the firmware.

Try it out now and give us feedback on how to make it awesome.

Builder is the yang to Device Druid‘s yin.  You can have a look at how it works, but the short of it is that Druid Builder allows you to

  • Design a druid UI for embedded devices, using drag & drop;
  • Customize code for callbacks and validate or react to incoming data; and
  • Generate fully working projects to allow anyone to access your device using Device Druid.

Intro Tour

Check out a quick tour of Druid Builder to see it in action:

A Working GUI In Minutes

Here’s the creation of a working embedded project, from A-Z, in under 5 minutes:

Learn More

There are a host of HOWTO and tutorial videos available in the druid learning center.

Get Druid Builder

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