Nudge and Support Druid

Want to nudge druid development in a certain direction?  Or maybe just show your support?

If you’d like to see some special feature implemented–another platform?  a new design? Raspberry Pi? Wireless? anything?–you can cast your vote by supporting the project.

You can use a PayPal account or pretty much any a credit card by selecting an amount and clicking this button:

Nudge Direction

If you want to encourage some particular development, add a short note with the purchase.  There’s no guarantee that anything in particular will be implemented, but supporting the project will ensure that it stays alive and keeps evolving.

Even if you can’t help druid, it’s always great to hear about what you think would be useful additions to the druid system.   Feel free to send a detailed description of what you’d like, and why you think it would be of interest to others.  Please remember, however, that time is a limited resource and the only obligations, here, are to the clients who’s projects were accepted…