Services Offered

What do you need?

If it’s Device Druid related, hopefully everything you need to get going is already available on this site though if there’s some glaring omission please feel free to get in touch. Additional support may also be available.

Custom Hardware and Software

In addition to druid-specific stuff, you can get help with a whole host of electronics and programming tasks.  Specifically

  • Product and system feasibility evaluations;
  • Technology assessments;
  • Software and firmware development;
  • Part selection;
  • Circuit design;
  • PCB layout;
  • Prototyping and production; and
  • Mobile and web-based application development, with a focus on integration with and control of electronic products.

While fleshing out your concept, check out the 3 Steps to a Great Product guide, which will help you refine your concept, set the right target, and work out all the details an engineer will need.

You may also want to look into the guide to selecting technologies, but this is definitely something we should chat about.

Reach Out

Whatever your needs, send a quick word using the contact form and we’ll get the conversation started.