Druid Help & Support

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What can we help you with:

Feature Requests

Looking for some special feature? If you’d like to nudge development in a certain direction, you can always do so by supporting the project.


Using Druid Software

If you’re having issues using one of the apps, start by checking out the relevant Device Druid or Druid Builder page, the video tutorials section and the FAQ.

If you’ve found some bit of application functionality that isn’t yet covered, please get in touch.

If you’re using Device Druid and whatever you’re connected to isn’t reacting as you’d hoped, you’ll have to contact the person who created the software for that specific device.


There are three types of programming questions related to using druid: coding within Builder, using SerialUI and other embedded programming issues.

If your problems stem from trying to literally add code to relevant sections in Druid Builder or on how to manage the generated project code, then that should be covered in the video tutorials.

If you’ve got questions about how to get Device Druid to do what you want, or about managing the system from the embedded side, then have a look at the SerialUI documentation.

Finally, if the issue is about programming but not one of the above, then this is some case-specific issue.  There are a whole range of programming and electronics services available.


Hit a Bug?

If you’ve come upon some functionality that isn’t doing what it’s intended to, then it seems you’ve found a bug.  Sorry about that.

If you can provide a good report of the issue, then it will help get it resolved promptly.  The word of the day is: detailed.

At a minimum, please provide info what you were doing and in what context (which software, which version, which OS, etc), what you expected would happen and what actually happened instead.