Control Any Device with Ease

Interacting with embedded systems has never been easier.  Device Druid lets you connect to embedded systems and control everything from the comfort of a graphical interface, on desktop and mobile.

Step 1: Get Device Druid

The first thing you’ll need to control any device, is the druid client application.  Get it for Android, Windows or Linux on the downloads page.

All of them can talk to druid-enabled devices or USB serial or bluetooth.

Step 2: Turn on a suitable device

You also need some thing you want to control, of course.  This can be an Arduino, a Raspberry Pi, a Linux machine, an embedded BLE device… lots of things.

The important thing is that it needs to have been programmed in a way that will let druid communicate with it.  If you don’t already have such a device, it’s actually quite easy to set one up thanks to Druid Builder (check out the makers section for info on creating your own projects and GUI).

Step 3: Connect and Control

Plug in USB, if that’s what you’re using, and launch device druid.  The device should show up under the relevant section:

Note: to use USB on android, you must have a mobile that support “On-The-Go” (OTG) to act as a USB host.

Find Out More

More info is available on using device druid in the learning center.

Get Device Druid

Get Device Druid and try it out.